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January 25, 2012
National PTA Statement on State of the Union Address

“National PTA applauds President Barack Obama’s commitment to rebuilding America’s workforce by improving education,” said Betsy Landers, National PTA President. 


“As our nation struggles to overcome a crippling economic downturn, prioritizing education and workforce preparation is a must.  Without all stakeholders – parents, schools, teachers, the community, and government – invested in quality education that prepares students for a 21st century workforce, we will not meet the challenege of a changing global economy. The time is now for Congress to come together and fix No Child Left Behind to align with these goals."


“While we agree that increased focus on state and local flexibility in education is needed, National PTA remains committed to ensuring educational equity through maintained federal investment in quality instruction and education programs, transparency and accountability – to both parents and students.   With one in five students failing to graduate, states must reexamine policies and begin a meaningful dialogue in an effort  to curb the high school dropout rate and increase academic achievement for all students.  Parents and families must play an integral role in those conversations,” said Landers. 


“The President is right – the perpetual cycle of campaigning must stop.   Election year or not, parents are counting on Congress to overcome the partisan divide and do right by our nation’s students.  National PTA looks forward to continued dialogue with Congress and the Administration to further promote educational equity for all children through successful bipartisan action on No Child Left Behind.”


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